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YA Author Kristi Cook

~HAVEN~ Feb. 2011 from Simon Pulse

Kristi Cook
29 June
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I write books for teens--my YA debut, HAVEN, is coming spring 2011 from Simon Pulse. I love music. My favorite groups are Maroon 5, Coldplay, Gwen Stefani, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga...the list goes on and on! I'm a former ballerina, I still love to dance, and I love classical music, especially Beethoven, Debussy, and Rachmaninoff. I don't watch a lot of TV, but I'm addicted to The Office, LOST, Heroes, and Dancing With the Stars. I also love movies--I'm a member of BAFTA East Coast, and get to attend a lot of screenings. My current obsessions are Zachary Quinto, James McAvoy, and Rob Pattinson. All-time favorite movies? Gone With the Wind, Star Trek (2009), Atonement, Somewhere in Time, Pride & Prejudice (the BBC version with Colin Firth, though I liked the Keira Knightly version, too), the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Star Wars, Harry Potter series.