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Meet Violet McKenna....

Subject: It’s hard to be the new girl in school—even worse when you carry a dark secret.

My name is Violet McKenna. I’m not like other girls…in fact, I’m like no one you’ve ever met…

Name: Violet McKenna.

Age: 17

School: Winterhaven – I’m new…

Likes: Fencing; purple eye shadow; a latte with lots of steamed milk and sugar; aquamarines; history and English classes.

Dislikes: When people say "I understand what you're going through," but they really don't; having horrible visions of the future; being the new kid at school; science and math classes; guys who are hot and cold--they should make up their minds already!

Random facts: I don’t like getting too close to people, because then I start seeing bad things happen to them in my visions. 


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Read an excerpt here: http://bit.ly/g75OH0

Find out more about Kristi: http://kristi-cook.com/

*sketch of Violet courtesy of Kristi's 11 yr. old daughter!


Want to buy a signed/personalized copy of HAVEN?!  It's easy!  They are available *now* from The Voracious Reader, a wonderful independent bookstore in Larchmont, NY.  To order a copy, just call the store at (914) 630-4581 during business hours (Monday thru Friday, 10 a.m. - 5:30 p.m., EST).  Let them know if you would simply like it signed, or signed and personalized (i.e. "To Mary").  The cost?  $16.99 plus shipping (based on your zip code).  That's it!  Easy-peasy, right?!

Meet Aidan Gray....

My name is Aidan Gray. I was born in Dorset, England. I’d rather be dead than what I am…


Age: 17

School: Winterhaven

Likes: books by Neil Gaiman (kick-ass author); working for fun in the chemistry lab; climbing things; my palatial Fifth Avenue townhouse; punk rock; GOOD cappuccino; Violet McKenna (but don’t tell her)

opera; Thai food; team sports; people asking too many questions; thinking about the future

Random facts: From Dorset, England; Total night owl; Searching for a cure for my unusual “condition.”

“If I don’t find a cure, we have no future together.”


Look for HAVEN in bookstores everywhere February 22, 2011

Participate in the HAVEN ESP contest and enter to win a signed copy for HAVEN. Details here: http://on.fb.me/fWPpM8

Read an excerpt here: http://bit.ly/g75OH0

Visit my web site: http://kristi-cook.com/



Lori Devoti Interview and.....a giveaway!

     I have a special treat for everyone today--one of my bestest writing buds, Lori Devoti, is in the house!  Lori is a multi-published author of paranormal romance, contemporary romance, and urban fantasy with Zebra Books, Harlequin Nocturne, and Pocket Books, and she's just made her YA debut with Demon High.  I was lucky enough to read Demon High already, and let me tell you...it's *fabulous*!  It's dark and fresh and unexpected, and a lot of fun! 

Okay, enough chit-chat.  Here's Lori!

Kristi:  You’ve written romance and urban fantasy before. What caused the switch to young adult?

  Well, I write paranormal romance and urban fantasy, and Demon High has elements of both of those in it. In fact I call it an urban fantasy young adult novel. So I don’t feel I’ve strayed that far from what I’ve been doing for quite some time. But the reason for the switch from adult to young adult is that I read a lot of young adult fiction and I love it.

Kristi:  What is about young adult that appeals to you?

Lori:  Both as a reader and as a writer, I find young adult books to have what I can only call a freshness. When I start reading one I don’t think “oh, well this will have to happen now.” The category is just so broad and I think young adult readers are open to a lot of things older adults aren’t. This also makes writing a young adult novel a lot of fun.

Kristi:  Can you tell us a bit about Demon High?

Lori:  Sure. The main character, Lucinda Dent, is a bit of an outcast. Ten years earlier, Lucinda lost her mother--or her mother lost herself. Lucinda’s mother was addicted to calling demons and one day she went to the circle and never came back. Now, at sixteen, Lucinda lives with her grandmother in an old house and keeps to herself. When she finds a letter from the bank warning of foreclosure, she knows it is up to her to save the home. She decides to follow in her mother’s footsteps and call demons. Lucinda thinks she has worked out a plan to keep safe while doing this, but, of course, things don’t go as planned. And soon there are not only demons wandering the halls of Caldera High, but students are disappearing too. To make matters worse, one of the demons, Oscar Mullin, doesn’t seem like a demon at all, at least not to Lucinda.

Kristi:  Who are you favorite young adult authors?

Lori:  I love Scott Westerfeld. I started with his Uglies series, then moved back in time and found So Yesterday. I have Leviathan on my bedside table. I also really enjoy Holly Black. Other books I’ve enjoyed include Wicked Lovely, Little Brother and Lament. There are also books like Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson that have a bit of a young adult feel that I love.

Kristi:  What are you reading right now?

Lori:  Evermore by Alyson Noël.

Kristi:  Thanks so much for visiting with us today! 

Want to learn more about Lori and her books?  Visit her website at LoriDevoti.com, "like" her on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter!

Lucinda Dent never planned to call demons. She wasn’t stupid, after all. She’d seen what the addiction had done to her mother. But her mother has been gone for ten years, sucked into hell by a demon, and all Lucinda has left is her grandmother and the house she grew up in. Who could blame her for using the only thing her mother gave her, a talent for demon calling, to save them?

Lucinda teams up with an old friend and together they set up business, calling demons. But soon things go terribly wrong.

Demons are loose in Caldera High, and not only is Lucinda responsible, she just might be in love with one of them. Can love conquer all or is Lucinda about to lose everything--her home, her new love, and her soul?

Where to buy:
Amazon U.S. http://tiny.cc/8bu0e
Amazon U.K. http://tiny.cc/vcu4t
Smashwords http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/36427
Barnes and Noble http://tiny.cc/fm9en

Okay, and now the giveaway!  Just leave a comment below for Lori--that's all!--and on Feb. 4th, we will randomly draw two winners.  The prizes?  Your choice of an electronic version of Demon High *or* an adorable square tile necklace featuring the Amazon Queen cover art (from this Etsy store, to give you an idea of what they look like!).


I Haz Books!

Whoa--came home yesterday to boxes on my doorstep from Simon & Schuster!!  And.....real, live copies of HAVEN!!!!  The book jacket is *so* much prettier in person--pictures just can't do it justice.  It's all raised and bumpy and glossy, and oh-so-gorgeous! 

So, after stroking it gently but carefully (don't want to smudge up the cover!) I posed one on the table.....

Here's the spine....

And then I had to strip it from the jacket, to see what's underneath--cool, the writing is red!!

And lastly, I had to pose it with my dog--because, hey, that's just the way I roll.  Notice he's looking away--he didn't want to look *too* interested. 

So there you have it!! 

Swag alert: Buttons! (and a mini-contest)

I was so inspired by fellow Elevensie Victoria Schwab's gorgeous buttons that....well, okay, I'm a copycat, though my design skills don't even remotely measure up to hers.  Let's just say that Photoshop and I have always had a love/hate relationship.  But I was *determined* to make it work for me--at least, well enough to design some decent-looking buttons.  I ended up with three designs and just ordered 100 of each, so....upcoming swag alert! 

Voila, for your viewing pleasure....

Design 1Design #2Design #3

Okay, that's the three designs--pink, white, and gray.  They're each going to be on a nifty square 1.5" button (you know, the pin-on kind).

Now for the contest-y part--it's simple.  Just tell me which design you like best, and why, in the comments section.  That's it!  If you're feeling extra generous and dying to spread the news, tweet the link or something, but that's not required to enter!  And next week--let's say Jan. 26th--I'll randomly pick a winner.  The prize?!  Yep, you guessed it.  A button!  The one you said was your favorite.  :o)

Hope you like 'em!


HAVEN excerpt....

Finally, the first-ever excerpt from HAVEN posted!  Go, read....

Coming Soon...Lori Devoti!

Just a heads up that author Lori Devoti is going to visit soon with a guest blog and giveaway!  I had the pleasure of reading her YA debut, DEMON HIGH, and it is *fabulous*!  In the meantime, you can read up on Lori and her books here.

Snowed in!

Whoa, we got *tons* of snow in NYC!  Hope wherever you are, you're warm and safe and enjoying those Christmas or Hannukah gifts!  Just wanted to check in and say best wishes for a happy, healthy, and book-filled 2011!! 

Giveaway-Palooza Winners!!!

Okay, here's the bag full of entries (yes, I did this the old-fashioned way--one folded slip per entry), just before my 9 yr. old "assistant" drew the winners!

And....the GRAND PRIZE winner is.......Kristin Menswar Tahai!!!!!!!!!   Let me know whether you'd like the iPhone case (either for iPhone 3 or 4), *or* the messenger bag!

The first runner-up (you get a HAVEN pendant and some bookmarks) is.......@sandyg02!

The second runner-up (also gets a HAVEN pendant and bookmarks) is......@BooksOverBoys!

Thank you all SO much for entering!!!!!  Winners, I'll try and contact you directly, but if you read this first, send me an email with your mailing address to AuthorKristiCook@aol.com