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Aidan's Playlist

If you’ve had a chance to read HAVEN yet, you might be wondering about that iPod that Violet gave Aidan for Christmas–what songs would be on his “favorites” playlist?  What kind of music would a guy like Aidan like to listen to?

So….I give you AIDAN GRAY’S OFFICIAL PLAYLIST!  Or, “music to read HAVEN by.”  Something like that!  Some songs on his playlist have real meaning for him (for example, “October” by Broken Bells–Aidan’s birthday is in October, and it’s also the month that he first meets Violet.).  Others are on his playlist simply because he likes them.  And others, well…you’ll figure it out if you’ve read the book!  But the songs–and their order–kinda tell a story.

Hope you enjoy it!

Oh, and I’ve listed it at iTunes–so if you follow the link, you can find the entire playlist at iTunes, listen to samples, buy a song or two or even the entire playlist!  Here’s the LINK.

1.  Waiting for the End — Linkin Park
2.  And She Was — Talking Heads
3.  October — Broken Bells
4.  Young Forever — Jay-Z (featuring Mr. Hudson)
5.  In the Aeroplane Over the Sea — Neutral Milk Hotel
6.  Should I Stay or Should I Go — The Clash
7.  Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) — Green Day
8.  Bodies — Drowning Pool
9.  Let it Bleed — The Rolling Stones
10.  The Only Exception — Paramore
11.  A Sky for Shoeing Horses Under — WHY?
12.  I Wanna Be the One — Fun
13.  Like Dylan in the Movies — Belle and Sebastian
14.  Bittersweet Symphony — The Verve
15.  Better That We Break — Maroon 5

Oh, and one more thing…if the song had been out at the time that Aidan made the playlist, he *definitely* would have added Mumford & Sons “Little Lion Man.”  My guess?  He probably would have stuck it in as track 8, before Bodies…but hey, what do I know?!  But if you feel like sticking it in there yourself and listening to it at that point in the playlist, I’d say that Aidan would approve (at some point I will actually get around to updating the playlist to include it!).

Feel free to discuss!


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Mar. 10th, 2011 05:44 pm (UTC)
This is a really awesome list! I am going to have to check these out!
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