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Meet the HAVEN "Scooby Gang"


Name:  Cece Bradford
Gift:  Astral Projection

Likes:  Extracurricular activities (tennis, drama, student council), movies, the New Orleans voodoo scene, the color pink, celebrity watching, a guy named Todd

Name:  Kate Spencer

Gift:  Telekinesis (macro)

Likes:  Hanging out with her boyfriend Jack, going to the theater, Johnny Depp, the color baby blue, and...hanging out with her boyfriend Jack some more.

Name:  Sophie Patterson

Gift:  Clairsentience--specifically, can sense what's physically wrong with someone (illness, injury, etc.)

Likes:  Academics, researching Ivy League colleges/universities, the color green, her family's beach house on Saint Bart's

Name:  Marissa Tate

Gift:  Empath

Likes:  Her own space, karaoke, movies, the color scarlet red, chocolate chip cookies

Name:  Jack Delafield

Gift:  Telekinesis (micro)

Likes:  Working in the chem lab with Aidan, football, track, rock music, hanging out with his girlfriend Kate

Name:  Joshua Simmons

Gift:  Shape-shifting (or something like that....)

Likes:  Alternative music, playing the guitar, chess, people who stand up for his friends